Family Archives: A World War II Letter From My Dad

11/14/20 Veterans Day has passed. My family fought in the Revolutionary War. Several were on the side of the North in the Civil War. (Lucius Chubb was part of the Iron Brigade which suffered huge losses in the first battle at Gettysburg and died of his wounds a month later.) My dad was in World War II, in the Navy, eventually on Guam. I am most proud of this letter he wrote to my mother while he was still stationed in Ames, Iowa. Their first baby was my brother Paul.
The second page is a love letter, closing with his Christmas wish list. He wrote: “If anyone else wants suggestions, I like books. Many late titles I’d like to have. I mentioned one on a card: “Towards Freedom” by Nehru and any of Lin Yutang’s works. “Dragon Seed” by Pearl S. Buck would be nice or anything you’d like to read. Really, I don’t care if I get anything. If there was a fund for feeding hungry children of Europa I’d suggest people give to it what they’d give to me. I’m rich in everything. Love, Sid

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  1. Jill Lorenz Says:

    Hi Cynthia. I was hoping to email you about your diary archive. What is the best email address for you? Thank you. Jill


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