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Open Mic Night At The Eclectic Reader

January 6, 2015
This was originally supposed to be posted for my bookstore…but it is also directly related to journaling.  We are having an open mic night at The Eclectic Reader in Fort Collins, Colorado, 1119 W. Drake Rd. C-20 at Drake and Shields in the Cimarron Plaza.  We are putting the spotlight on “fragmentary literature.”  Obviously, one of the main sub-categories is diaries/journals/memoirs/letters…just what the National Diary Archive seeks to promote and preserve.    If you live close by, come on over and share a piece you’ve written and show people why this genre deserves to be recognized.
 1st OPEN MIC @eclecticreaderbooks Saturday January 10, 2015 @ 7:30-9:30pm  Announcing first ever open mic night.  1) Poetry and short prose.  2) Fragmentary writing-bits & pieces, snippets, shards of thought, diary & journal entries, letters, short essays, aphorisms.  3) Music-acoustic, vocals etc. #fortcollins #ftcollins #fortcollinsreads #ftcollinsreads #colorado #scenemagazinenoco #coloradoan


SATURDAY, JANUARY 10th,  from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at The Eclectic Reader
Featuring – “Fragmentary Writing”
” ‘Fragmentary writing,’ what’s that? ” you ask.  Well, that’s what most of us do first (before we publish our Opus Majus).  It’s bits and pieces of stuff, snippets, shards of thought, letters, diary and journal entries, short prose pieces, poetry, aphorisms, short essays, punchy letters to the editor and character sketches    Oh, and songs…so music is welcome, too.
We’ll put out a money jar for a prize…winner takes all.  Audience to be the judge.
 Join us for some fun.
On the night of this frenzy of exposition, all books in the store will be 20% off.
Questions?   Call 970-223-4019

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